PRCA3334 Overview 

 The highs of this semester was the preparation for graduation. Getting graduation information in the mail, getting my cap and gown, even having my internship (which has prepared me for jobs outside of school). But more specifically to this course, the high was creating more content for my portfolio. The low, having to balance school work with others and jobs as usual. If I could change anything about this course I would suggest creating more content for social media, maybe even having a fake brand and posting content for it. The assignment that I liked the most was the social media calendar. I have placed this item in my portfolio as well. The least, would be having to post to a discussion and a blog each week. I understand it’s purpose though. If I could add an assignment to this course it would be to write a blog about your research on what content is more successful when used in social media. I have learned quite a bit in this course but rather taking what I’ve learned onto the next semester, I will be taking it into the work world since I graduate next week. So I would take my new found knowledge of how tedious it can be to figure out what to post to all of your social media accounts about your product. I believe the social media calendar would be my suggestion wherever I go. Especially since I’ve found many do not use this planning method. 


About Megan Bouchillon

A short background: Youtuber, vlogger, blogger whichever, best wife ever, crafts, a challenge, instagram ( I think in my head i'm a pro) , college football, singing at the top of my lungs, sipping on sweet tea, soccer is my passion, paperbacks & adventures

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