PRCA3334 Overview 

 The highs of this semester was the preparation for graduation. Getting graduation information in the mail, getting my cap and gown, even having my internship (which has prepared me for jobs outside of school). But more specifically to this course, the high was creating more content for my portfolio. The low, having to balance school work with others and jobs as usual. If I could change anything about this course I would suggest creating more content for social media, maybe even having a fake brand and posting content for it. The assignment that I liked the most was the social media calendar. I have placed this item in my portfolio as well. The least, would be having to post to a discussion and a blog each week. I understand it’s purpose though. If I could add an assignment to this course it would be to write a blog about your research on what content is more successful when used in social media. I have learned quite a bit in this course but rather taking what I’ve learned onto the next semester, I will be taking it into the work world since I graduate next week. So I would take my new found knowledge of how tedious it can be to figure out what to post to all of your social media accounts about your product. I believe the social media calendar would be my suggestion wherever I go. Especially since I’ve found many do not use this planning method. 


Social Media Habits That We All Just Can’t Even

What annoys me on social media? It would be easier to ask me what doesn’t annoy me on social media. Mostly its all habits of other individuals who just do not know when to stop. Here are some, just to name a few:

1) People who ask for follows or say I will follow you if you follow me

This comes off as needy and desperate and honestly you are pretty much begging others to be your friend. Just don’t.

2) Images that are sideways

Okay, I should not have to turn my head at a 90-degree angle in order to see your selfie. Why do you do this? What is the point you are trying to make? Oh, you’re different than everyone else. No, not really. More annoying people do this too and they annoy just as much as you. Please post your pictures right side up so that we may view them normally. Otherwise, I will purposely not like your photo cause you annoyed me.

3) Game requests

No, I do not want to play. Oh, a restaurant just asked me to play Candy Crush….are you kidding me? Shouldn’t you be serving food not crushing candies? For the love of God, do not invite me to your virtual world of procrastination. I have better things to do with my time.


Oh little Susie had her first period…oh my God. No. Stop.

5) Poor Grammar

We all have that one freind who cannot spell and nevr uses punctuation so you think you are readin 1 really long run on sentence but that is just how it done these days like duh didnt you no haha….. Bless you child.

6) Woe is me

“Oh no, little Johnny. What happened?” Ignores comments and continues to post annoying cryptic status’s so one day people will realize you just want attention.

7) Gullible

“What?!? Miley Cyrus died????? Who will we twerk with now?”

8) The Poker

Ummm, can I help you?

9) Dramatic Rants

“OOH, I WISH SHE WOULD!!?” You told her, with your discreet status about no one.

10) If you hate Jesus, you will keep scrolling

I do not need to repost this to profess my love for Jesus and the fact that he loves me and I’m his favorite.


Social media is a great way to network and build a company. Through the various social media platforms, you can generate a lot of online exposure for your brand. This allows you to showcase your product and services to various audiences at once. Social media also encourages companies to notice what their target market or customers are saying, and ultimately create ways to provide them what they want and cause more customers. Social media provides the opportunity to build relationships with your consumers and drive loyalty. Plus, social media is cost friendly and easy to monitor.
Furthermore, the graphic provided in the Groover’s post about the levels of producer, commentator, gather, joiner, and observer, I believe that I am more of a producer of information on social media than I am an observer. I am always posting original content on my online sites by using video editing software, Photoshop, Indesign, etc. I enjoy creating content for others to enjoy and it is also a challenge for me to conquer. I thoroughly enjoy a good project and love creating stuff on my MAC. I rarely comment, join pages, or just simply observe. I honestly take an idea and work on something to post that is my own and unique to me and everyone else. I do not validate my success of my projects by what others think of it but it does help when people are sharing, liking and genuinely enjoy what you post and are interested in it. It makes for the time I spent on what I post even more worth it. I think my most favorite thing to do right now is make flyers in InDesign. It is so much fun to take a blank page and make something beautiful with it that others can use.


  • When I google myself, to my surprise I came right up. Pictures from high school newspaper articles, my YouTube account to Facebook pictures. Honestly I am not too surprised seeing that my last name is pretty different. Not a ton of people have the last name Bouchillon. Thankfully I do not have to worry about being confused with someone else or their content hurting my reputation. All of my links are good though. I have not and will not post content that would hinder my chances for hiring. I am careful by remember that what a out out on the Internet is forever, no matter if I delete it right away. My brand is certainly evident when you view my website. I have a specific layout and design that represents many aspects of myself. It is also clean and professional so that viewers see that I am a professional individual in everything I do. I promote my other online outlets on each social media account I use. I provide my WordPress, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and my website. Since I am concerned with people finding me and seeing that I am proficient in the use of social media I believe that it expresses that I have something to show them. I want to be discovered and utilized. I also think this also says that they can trust me, seeing that I can be found on many different outlets that are consistent. I have had one instance where one of my social media platforms brought me a job. One individual saw my website and asked me if I would redesign his. I actually have been asked to do this on number pus occasions. I also think this is what makes me stand out amongst everyone else is that I have a great website and I also have aided others on their websites, which can be found on my online resume. I am consistent with my photo avatars. Every now and then I will change one and forget to change the other but I typically try to keep everything consistent.