Dove’s New Campaign, Speak Beautiful

I think that Dove’s #SpeakBeautiful campaign is a fantastic idea and not just women but all of us need more positivity in our daily lives. I have seen first hand the cruelty that people can post towards others and it is so sad to know that people are so negative. However, you even have yourself posting negative things about yourself and not just others. Ultimately you are hurting yourself and those around you. You do not know how your tweet could affect someone else. I believe this is why domino created the advertisement with the dominos because it is a domino effect but we would like it to be a positive effect rather than a negative one. I truly believe that this campaign is doing amazing things and is continuing to do so. I believe they are pretty successful at this point because they have a lot off people talking. The only suggestion I would have for this campaign is to not stop talking about it. Make sure that the conversation surrounding this campaign does not die out. This means showing it on all possible outlets as often as possible and to get people involved. I have yet to have seen the #SpeakBeautiful ads on television or at the Oscars so I had to look it up but once I saw the ad I remembered seeing a promotion on twitter about it. Its in my subconscious but I think Twitter and Dove could work on getting the campaign to be a the top of a consumers mind. But once I did see the ads I really bought into it and want to aid in the spreading of this campaign. I think it is something social media needs and it benefits a greater good. Much like my client, Redbull, they have campaigns that aid in helping others. They do not have a social media targeted campaign but they certainly utilize social media to spread the word of their other campaigns. They also use clever hashtags along with their campaign to encourage fan participation. A few of their campaigns are shared below. But since neither of my clients have a social media targeted campaign like Dove, I would recommend them to at least get involved with Dove’s campaign. This is in no way a direct competition so I believe that their involvement will not only help Dove’s campaign but also get great feedback form their fans. Their followers would probably enjoy the positive comments and love Redbull even more. Their focus should be to post positive comments to their fans and also share the Dove campaign and they should target all of their followers on Twitter. If Redbull wants to get involved I would recommend jumping on the bandwagon as soon as possible and post content about it at least every other day. I would also suggest having content that allows followers to share photos, videos, quotes, etc. with the company.


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