Redbull posts a lot of content daily, from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. They also use a lot of hashtags that is just one integral way to communicate online. They use hashtags like xfighters, blackandblue, 24HOURSOFJACKU, ChildrenOfTheSun, and their most common GivesYouWings and Redbull. Most of these hashtags are things they promote or are just trending topics. Like the blackandblue hashtag is about a dress that no one can seem to agree on. Some people see blue and black; some people see white and gold. It is insane. But when they used the hashtag they used it along with a picture of their white and gold can. The others are used to promote and generate discussion on their latest campaigns, events, or programs they support. The ChildrenOfTheSun hastag is about “a new series following a diverse crew of skaters on their quest through uncharted territory.”
These are just a few of the many hashtags they use and this doesn’t even begin to cover the hashtags their fans use to associate with Redbull. I have yet to have seen a misspelled hashtag or a hashtag used in a questionable way, they seem to have prepared their posts with attentiveness, even with their hashtags, rightfully so. The only thing I can think of is their use of “Redbull gives you wings.” People are suing Redbull since it technically doesn’t give you wings. Which Redbull being the rebel type group that they are they use it anyways. People are always looking for a handout or to ruin something good. Redbull keeps moving forward and still continues to use the hashtag.
The article about focusing on the hashtag or the moment is certainly something to consider. I do not believe that Redbull tries to force their brand into relevancy. In a lot of ways they put their brand second. If you watch their commercial, YouTube videos, etc you will almost never see their brand until maybe the end. They try to focus on the content, the athlete the moment before they try to push their brand on you, and I think it is working for them. Their fans probably do not feel that they are being sold to and that seems to be the key to success.

The article discussing the usage of hashtags is very true. I believe there is a lot to be said when you put more thought into a trend rather than just trying to jump onto the band wagon. I believe though that Redbull uses the hashtags well in that they use it as a way to provide information about a particular event, they are not trying to sell themselves. The only thing I would add to this list is to wait and see, meaning that fans create hashtags themselves and those tend to become more trending than a company trying to create something witty. Sometimes its best to let your fans do the leg work. I for one never really use the hashtags that are posted on the corner of a TV, I usually create my own or use a different one that is circulating through the Internet pertaining to that particular thing.


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