I love Instagram! I have a personal account and a blog account. I usually just use my blog account but I enjoy sharing photos and videos of my everyday endeavors. I usually post about one a day or every other day, pretty frequently. All of my followers are pretty good about commenting and liking my content, but every now and then I will get a random individual, since my profile is public, that will compliment a image of mine. Its fun to get feedback from your followers, especially when they are positive.
My client certainly has an Instagram account; in fact they have numerous ones for several countries as well as my selected client. Their account is full of epic and exciting content that they consistently post everyday. My client has 2.3 million followers on their U.S. account alone, and my selected client has 1.5 million followers. Monster generally has about 50,000 likes on each post and Redbull generally has about 80,000 likes on their posts. The type of images and videos they show is of content that their consumers really enjoy, which is extreme sports. I’ve noticed though that Monster showcases sexy women far more than Rebull does. Redbull just shows athletic women doing their thing, where as Monster showcases more models on motorbikes and fast cars. I think I prefer Redbulls approach to women rather than Monster does. I think Monster focuses more on their product and making it look cool rather than Redbull who tries to come in second when it sharing their athletes skills. I would recommend Monster to use this strategy when sharing content. Then they might have 2.3 million followers like RedBull does.


About Megan Bouchillon

A short background: Youtuber, vlogger, blogger whichever, best wife ever, crafts, a challenge, instagram ( I think in my head i'm a pro) , college football, singing at the top of my lungs, sipping on sweet tea, soccer is my passion, paperbacks & adventures

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