Air Force Brig. Gen. John Michel’s Six Social Media Tips

Air Force Brig. Gen. John Michel’s six social media tips are to be consistent, show respect, be authentic, craft a strategy, don’t be robotic, and watch your words. I believe these tips are general tips to follow when posting to social media even if you are not representing a company. These are tips to follow when posting information about your company or just posting about your day. You still want to represent yourself as professional and someone to value. My client seems to understand how social media works and uses it as an accent to there company. They are very authentic and stay true to themselves. They keep in mind what their consumers like and the lingo that they like to read about. Their strategy is used efficiently by posting info, videos, or something to recognize an athlete they are promoting. They seem to find the most extraordinary individuals and that is what draws in followers. The only rule that I believe that Gen. Michel forgot would be to stay ahead of the game. I believe that if you are constantly feeding info to your consumers and also getting information out there before your competitors it will make you stand out as the expert and your consumers will go to you first for information. Even Redbull seems to stay ahead of the game. They are always posting content to their social media about particular subjects before their competitors have chance to craft something similar.


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A short background: Youtuber, vlogger, blogger whichever, best wife ever, crafts, a challenge, instagram ( I think in my head i'm a pro) , college football, singing at the top of my lungs, sipping on sweet tea, soccer is my passion, paperbacks & adventures

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