I completely agree that the target market for Pinterest is mainly women, especially because of the tools it possess to help women plan their wedding, etc. I personally have a Pinterest board and I really enjoy its services and ease of use. I have 17 boards total and 696 pins thus far. I mainly pin event type stuff like showers, bachelorette weekends, getaways, etc. I do a lot of events for my friends and family and I like to plan through Pinterest. Who doesn’t?
I have heard of other sites like Pinterest that are geared more towards men but I do not know of anyone who uses them. My husband actually has a Pinterest board but he likes to use it to look up recipes for dinner or dishes to make for parties. He is quite the cook. However , if I have seen these sites for men they are mostly filled with half naked women and fast cars. I believe if men really wanted to use Pinterest then there would be more men on it already. The only reason they don’t is because I believe men think it makes them look feminine to have one. So in result to that stereotype I think that Pinterest should find other ways reach their target market by changing its look. They could achieve this by making the site look more edgy or more appealing to the eye for both sexes, in a way that draws them both in. This could really work if they do it right and they have a good balance for both women and men.


Selfie: Good or Bad?

The selfie, also known as a self-portrait taken by a smartphone, is used for self-expression. However, many argue that this fad is a sign of narcissism. I disagree. First off, self-portraits have been about for much longer than many seem to remember. Now that everyone has access to a digital camera and are able to post pictures of themselves, we are all the sudden a vain world. A selfie is much less exhaustive than posing in front of a painter for hours, hiring a photographer to take a picture of your best angle, or waiting for film to develop; a selfie can be done just by simply holding your camera at arms length and sharing it by just the click of a button. Sure we filter, retouch, or shade the edges but isn’t this much simpler than the age when a selfie wasn’t so easily accomplished? Second, selfies are a way of recording memories and charting our lives. As a Instagram fanatic, I post selfies quite a bit and it isn’t for the approval of others. I post these pictures in order to share thoughts, memories, feelings, ideas, etc. Sometimes a selfie is the best photo to share with the description involved. I am not looking for social acceptance; I just enjoy sharing my life with others, just like I enjoy reading about others. Third, I am confidant not self-obsessed. I am confident enough take pictures of myself and share them with others because I feel happy, beautiful, and excited, regardless of what others think. I love sharing those feelings and excitements with others so that it may encourage them too. In addition, when I post these pictures its like a digital diary. I can look back and view my life as it was then. Is a written diary or autobiography better or less conceited than my Instagram? I do not believe Anne Frank was self-obsessed, I believe she wanted to express her feelings and hidden thoughts. Perhaps she wanted to look back and see how much her life has changed and how differently she sees the world now. Maybe I do too. Fourth, I believe that posting these pictures of ourselves gives us more power against the ideals of perfection that is sadly portrayed day to day. We can post pictures and view pictures of real people and reclaim authentic beauty by using selfies. Now, to play devils advocate…I think there are people out there that take selfies and crave the attention of their peers, but for myself that is not the case. I love and respect myself enough to use selfies as a communication tool not a way to prove something to others or myself.