The EBOLA outbreak is an example of one crisis that could use the primary studies conducted for the prevention of the disease and restoration of the economy following SARS. Both epidemics are a global concern and both have required third party aid to contain and eradicate the disease. Since EBOLA has imposed restrictions on travel, “company’s stock has fallen 66 percent since the outbreak began in March this year.” (Ebola outbreak 2014, para.18) Once this epidemic has ended the economy for the areas at risk will need to implement a strategy to gain tourist attractions once again. I personally find the SARS crisis to be one that many businesses could reference on how to properly handle a hard-hitting, unpredicted crisis. This crisis was not any one companies fault but they attempted to handle it in a professional manner and strived to succeed and prosper despite the negative connotations and numerous setbacks. Without throwing in the towel, numerous teams tried and tried again until they found a way that met the concerns for their targets and simultaneously aided in the renewal of their reputation. If EBOLA continues to rise, depending on which areas are impacted the most, tourism and the economy could be greatly reduced as well.


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