Crisis Recovery

Hilton Weiner (HW) is a South African clothing line established in 1984 that has spread to 13 stores through out South Africa and one other store located in Mauritius. WH prides themselves on their philosophy, which states that, the design is focused “on superb cuts, impeccable quality, sophisticated style and effortless comfort appealing to the global traveler.” (Hilton Weiner, para. 2) HW specializes in cocktail wear as well as luxury separates. In addition, they sale accessory items, leather goods, shoes and jewelry. HW wanted the public to become more aware of their quality items and their new store locations since they were still considered to be unknown. HW found a way to do just that. Selfies have gained popularity online as the word of choice when posing in front of your camera. HW took advantage of this selfie craze by utilizing social media sites by starting a hashtag called the #urbanselfie. The campaign allowed customers to try on the merchandise and take a selfie while in the fitting room. Once the ideal picture was taken, the customer is to post it online to @UrbanSelfie and use the hashtag #urbanselfie so that at check out, the customer can show their tweet in order to receive a discount on their purchase. However, the incentives do not stop there. If HW deemed your selfie as stylish or fashionable they would award you with a $20 off coupon. In addition, whoever had the most retweets on a picture the customer would receive a $1000 off and whoever receives the most likes on their picture on Facebook the winner will be awarded a trip to either New York, London, Tokyo or a fashion destination of their choice. This campaign reveals many aspects of good marketing strategies. Though this is not a crisis, this could be a way to recover from a crisis. Social Media is a great tool that should be utilized as much as possible if a crisis strikes. What better way to recover than to use your fans to help you gain recognition in a positive light? I really like the idea that HW took here and I am sure many companies will follow in their footsteps.


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