The hotel industry is highly complex and prone to several crisis events. Hotels need to be responsible and effective in terms of stakeholders and be able to prevent any crisis. It is crucial that hotel organizations engage in defining and establishing a crisis plan and focus on communication issues.
According to Revinate, “In the immediate aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing the Boston police quickly instructed bystanders to leave the area and return to their homes and hotels until the imminent danger had subsided. With attendees frantically rushing out of the area and desperately trying to contact loved ones, it was imperative for the hotels to engage in the real-time social media conversation, especially with cell communication cut off. Fortunately, many of the area’s hotels took to their respective Facebook and Twitter accounts swiftly and effectively to communicate with worried guests and assure their families and friends that everyone was safe.”
This is just one of many examples as to why it is important for a hotel to have a crisis plan readily available. Hotels need to be able to establish parameters of responsibility and authority, provide a plan of action in the event of a crisis situation, identify a core crisis team, establish a protocol for internal and external communications, provide media guidelines, provide for the care and support of possible victims and their families, and establish an orderly return to normal operations.


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