Cyber Monitoring

Cyber monitoring is not just for ensuring that the company’s webpages are performing and functioning adequately but it is used to discover any inclinations and distributions. Monitoring can be done from both inside and outside of a corporate firewall by either having a team available to monitor the site or use third party website tools like Google Alerts, Social Bakers,, and many more. Regardless of the tools used, the company should monitor all social media outlets, blog mentions, reviews, press releases, and news articles. Though this all may seem meticulous this can easily be done by the company simply participating in conversations and addressing any feedback given but are careful to not let the public drive the conversation. If a crisis does surface the company should be the sole source of information by consistently releasing material so that the public can be updated without unknowingly trusting an unreliable source.There are several key conversations to monitor and many are done internally by listening to what your employees are saying about your organization, as well as leaders in your sector. However, anyone with Internet access can view your brand through new media and traditional media outlets. In addition, your core influencers and competition are conversations to observe as well. In conclusion, there are several ways to monitor a company’s activities online by using your own programming or through monitoring tools like Google Alerts. Companies should utilize these programs in order to efficiently carry out their vision and maintain a respectable reputation. These programs are a great way to discover issues that would be otherwise unknown until they blew up past the point of correcting. If the company monitors their brands name efficiently they could reduce their risk to a crisis substantially.


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