Crises Stages

A crisis will cause the public to question the credibility of an organization, thus involving distorted perceptions, and yielding serious concerns for the organization’s prosperity. Unfortunately, most crises, to some extent, come as a surprise for the organization and they must react properly in order gain their reputation and stability back. A crisis develops from detection, prevention, containment, recovery, to learning. In the detection stage a crisis could begin with no warning signs. The prevention stage is the phase where many companies find out just how prepared they truly are before a crisis strikes. It is suggested to appoint skilled individuals to evaluate a situation and implement preparation, containment, and restoration tactics in order to be able to move on to the recovery stage. Recovery is tough to define on the basis of particular situations because not everyone fully recovers. However, the learning stage is where it really matters. To learn from a crisis, mistake, or struggle, one can handle smaller setbacks or be better prepared for another crisis. This phase is important because as a business you must examine, evaluate, and process all the procedures and actions taken throughout the predicament.


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