Ray Rice Crisis

Ray Rice is a professional American football running back for the Baltimore Ravens but professionalism is in question. Ray Rice was arrested after an altercation with his then-fiancée in the Atlantic City hotel elevator where he punched her. His left hook knocked her unconscious and he proceeded to drag her out of the elevator. Initially the NFL suspended Rice for two games for the incident. Due to the punishment being viewed as too lenient Goodell had to adjust the leagues’ domestic violence policy. Rice sat out the first game of the season as apart of his suspension and appeared to be able to return by week three until TMZ released the full surveillance video of the couple’s altercation. Criticism then rose once again for Goodell, Rice, and the NFL and raised serious questions for how this situation was handled. Shortly after, the NFL claimed to have never seen the Rice video until it was released by TMZ. Now that the Raven’s coach John Harbaugh saw the video he said, “It changed things.”
The Ravens then cut Rice and suspended him from the NFL indefinitely. This seemed to be the pending justice that was deserved until word gets out that the NFL apparently did not ask enough questions in the first place. TMZ says the NFL never contacted the hotel to obtain a copy of the surveillance video nor did they respond back to TMZ when they tried to reach out to them concerning the video before releasing it. In addition, it was confirmed that the NFL was sent the video back in April. Regardless, according to Goodell, Rice’s account of what happened differed from what the full video showed. So now that pitchforks and torches are heading towards the front doors of the NFL they announced that an investigation into how the league handled the Rice situation would take place. Questions needs to be answered, such as: What is Rice’s NFL career status now that this has transpired, and Goodell’s? Was this issue corrupted from the start? How many situations like this were swept under the rug before? Did the law drop the ball? Who will be held responsible?
The NFL has lost credibility, those in power have lost trust, and the law has lost respect. This is beginning to unravel before our eyes and it only seems to get worse and worse until people start owning up. At this point it seems to be a he said, she said game and everyone is trying to find someone to blame rather than himself or herself. Yes the public has gotten apologies and yes we have been promised stiffer policies but words mean nothing at this point. The public will not accept insincere apologies and broken promises. The public need to see the slap on the hand and a punishment fit for the crime. This situation raises many concerns rather than just who needs justice. This case has and will be made an example of. This could either be hope for victims who suffer under the hand of their partner or hope for the culprit who lays a hand on the weak daily.


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