PR Practitioners and Media

 Public Relations Practitioners serve as an organizations spokesperson that represents their client or brand by helping others shape their opinions and attitudes towards their service. The media is used to get a message or the messages a practitioner would want to get across to the public.  These two may seem completely separate or different in there titles but they co-operate with one another quite frequently. The reality is that public relation sources are most of what the media relays.  On the other hand, public relation also depends on the media.  Constantly, public relation practitioners rely on the media to distribute information to millions of people. Think of the media as a third party endorser. The public looks to these outlets because of its general output instead of just looking to your organization for answers they may not even know they have questions for. This is where the magazines, newspapers, television and radio come into play.  They provide the way of passage for others to gain awareness of the service the practitioner is trying to endorse. Generally, media and public relation practitioners need one another to accomplish their responsibilities. It is a give and take relationship. 


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