News is several things.  It can simply be what editors and reporters deem as interesting, exciting, or important. I find news to be valuable if it is:

New: Out with the old and in with the new! Stories grow old so anything that is fresh and new to the existing story lines is usually a go.

Local: More people seem to find more interest in things happening in their own area than from foreign countries. People want to tune in if it is happening at home or somewhere they can relate to.

Consequential: The typical “so what” question would be asked here. Is this life changing? Do I need to know this?

Rare: This speaks for itself. If this is unique you can guarantee a spotlight.

Conflicting: People love drama. This is why so much of the news today seems to be so negative but this it what draws viewers.

Famed: This is where human interest comes to play. People love to hear about others lives so they can identify with them.


If People find it interesting, unusual, relatable,  important, or helpful then it is newsworthy.  However, some consider pop culture information to not be classified as news? This is not just entertainment. People want to know what is going on in the lives of their idols; good or bad. I find pop culture to be wanted more than other news stories. So I would say yes that pop culture is every bit of newsworthy as the others. 


About Megan Bouchillon

A short background: Youtuber, vlogger, blogger whichever, best wife ever, crafts, a challenge, instagram ( I think in my head i'm a pro) , college football, singing at the top of my lungs, sipping on sweet tea, soccer is my passion, paperbacks & adventures

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