Why I Chose Public Relations

My reason for choosing public relations as my major was one that I did not envision in my future until recently. You see, my focus was on physical therapy and I soon realized that I did not enjoy it as much as I thought I would. I did not struggle academically nor did my grades suffer but I lost my ambition and my passion for the subject. I missed presenting, speaking, creating, and inspiring. I found myself misplaced as to where I was headed and if it was the right path for me. I spoke with many of my personal council such as my husband and my family and they were the ones who actually referred me to public relations. So they were the ones who explained public relations to me and introduced me to the many doors that could potentially be opened. I promptly changed my major and I cannot convey enough the instantaneous satisfaction I have received. Many job opportunities have already been extended to me. I am currently interning and I have accepted a manager’s position as the promotion and marketing editor of a growing boutique here in Statesboro. In addition, public relation focuses on creating contacts and relationships with its audience by perusing their opinions and feedback. It is a process that spreads information between the organization and the targeted public audience. I want to reach out to my audience and create those interactions with individuals all over the world. I would love to work for a company that inspires people and encourages them in a positive way. Public relations means something to me because this field offers all of what I mentioned above; an opportunity to change the world. Okay, I have big dreams but an easier goal of mine is that I plan to manage the promotions field of an organization or business of my choice. We will see what the future unfolds but I am confident in my pursuit.

For anyone who is curious to this field and think that you could ultimately contribute the world of public relations I encourage you to take the leap like I did. Go on an experience the broad aspects of public relations and find your nook in this ever growing and changing field. The decision I made to change to this major is one I will not regret. I am thrilled as to what this major has in store for me and I can assure you that you will too.


About Megan Bouchillon

A short background: Youtuber, vlogger, blogger whichever, best wife ever, crafts, a challenge, instagram ( I think in my head i'm a pro) , college football, singing at the top of my lungs, sipping on sweet tea, soccer is my passion, paperbacks & adventures

2 responses to “Why I Chose Public Relations

  1. Sara Jo McGuire

    Donna and I have really enjoyed your YouTube videos.

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