PRCA3334 Overview 

 The highs of this semester was the preparation for graduation. Getting graduation information in the mail, getting my cap and gown, even having my internship (which has prepared me for jobs outside of school). But more specifically to this course, the high was creating more content for my portfolio. The low, having to balance school work with others and jobs as usual. If I could change anything about this course I would suggest creating more content for social media, maybe even having a fake brand and posting content for it. The assignment that I liked the most was the social media calendar. I have placed this item in my portfolio as well. The least, would be having to post to a discussion and a blog each week. I understand it’s purpose though. If I could add an assignment to this course it would be to write a blog about your research on what content is more successful when used in social media. I have learned quite a bit in this course but rather taking what I’ve learned onto the next semester, I will be taking it into the work world since I graduate next week. So I would take my new found knowledge of how tedious it can be to figure out what to post to all of your social media accounts about your product. I believe the social media calendar would be my suggestion wherever I go. Especially since I’ve found many do not use this planning method. 


Social Media Habits That We All Just Can’t Even

What annoys me on social media? It would be easier to ask me what doesn’t annoy me on social media. Mostly its all habits of other individuals who just do not know when to stop. Here are some, just to name a few:

1) People who ask for follows or say I will follow you if you follow me

This comes off as needy and desperate and honestly you are pretty much begging others to be your friend. Just don’t.

2) Images that are sideways

Okay, I should not have to turn my head at a 90-degree angle in order to see your selfie. Why do you do this? What is the point you are trying to make? Oh, you’re different than everyone else. No, not really. More annoying people do this too and they annoy just as much as you. Please post your pictures right side up so that we may view them normally. Otherwise, I will purposely not like your photo cause you annoyed me.

3) Game requests

No, I do not want to play. Oh, a restaurant just asked me to play Candy Crush….are you kidding me? Shouldn’t you be serving food not crushing candies? For the love of God, do not invite me to your virtual world of procrastination. I have better things to do with my time.


Oh little Susie had her first period…oh my God. No. Stop.

5) Poor Grammar

We all have that one freind who cannot spell and nevr uses punctuation so you think you are readin 1 really long run on sentence but that is just how it done these days like duh didnt you no haha….. Bless you child.

6) Woe is me

“Oh no, little Johnny. What happened?” Ignores comments and continues to post annoying cryptic status’s so one day people will realize you just want attention.

7) Gullible

“What?!? Miley Cyrus died????? Who will we twerk with now?”

8) The Poker

Ummm, can I help you?

9) Dramatic Rants

“OOH, I WISH SHE WOULD!!?” You told her, with your discreet status about no one.

10) If you hate Jesus, you will keep scrolling

I do not need to repost this to profess my love for Jesus and the fact that he loves me and I’m his favorite.


Social media is a great way to network and build a company. Through the various social media platforms, you can generate a lot of online exposure for your brand. This allows you to showcase your product and services to various audiences at once. Social media also encourages companies to notice what their target market or customers are saying, and ultimately create ways to provide them what they want and cause more customers. Social media provides the opportunity to build relationships with your consumers and drive loyalty. Plus, social media is cost friendly and easy to monitor.
Furthermore, the graphic provided in the Groover’s post about the levels of producer, commentator, gather, joiner, and observer, I believe that I am more of a producer of information on social media than I am an observer. I am always posting original content on my online sites by using video editing software, Photoshop, Indesign, etc. I enjoy creating content for others to enjoy and it is also a challenge for me to conquer. I thoroughly enjoy a good project and love creating stuff on my MAC. I rarely comment, join pages, or just simply observe. I honestly take an idea and work on something to post that is my own and unique to me and everyone else. I do not validate my success of my projects by what others think of it but it does help when people are sharing, liking and genuinely enjoy what you post and are interested in it. It makes for the time I spent on what I post even more worth it. I think my most favorite thing to do right now is make flyers in InDesign. It is so much fun to take a blank page and make something beautiful with it that others can use.


  • When I google myself, to my surprise I came right up. Pictures from high school newspaper articles, my YouTube account to Facebook pictures. Honestly I am not too surprised seeing that my last name is pretty different. Not a ton of people have the last name Bouchillon. Thankfully I do not have to worry about being confused with someone else or their content hurting my reputation. All of my links are good though. I have not and will not post content that would hinder my chances for hiring. I am careful by remember that what a out out on the Internet is forever, no matter if I delete it right away. My brand is certainly evident when you view my website. I have a specific layout and design that represents many aspects of myself. It is also clean and professional so that viewers see that I am a professional individual in everything I do. I promote my other online outlets on each social media account I use. I provide my WordPress, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and my website. Since I am concerned with people finding me and seeing that I am proficient in the use of social media I believe that it expresses that I have something to show them. I want to be discovered and utilized. I also think this also says that they can trust me, seeing that I can be found on many different outlets that are consistent. I have had one instance where one of my social media platforms brought me a job. One individual saw my website and asked me if I would redesign his. I actually have been asked to do this on number pus occasions. I also think this is what makes me stand out amongst everyone else is that I have a great website and I also have aided others on their websites, which can be found on my online resume. I am consistent with my photo avatars. Every now and then I will change one and forget to change the other but I typically try to keep everything consistent. 

Celebs and Social Media

I do not really follow many celebrities but the only two that I follow is Sophia Bush and Stephen Amell. I choose to follow them because they stood out to me as actors and they use social media in a way that is appealing to me. I have unfollowed a celebrity before. I used to think Miley Cyrus had a cool style and I always loved her hair. Well, we all know Miley is much different since she filmed the Last Song and now she doesn’t appeal to my tastes as much as she used to. If I were to rate Sophia Bush and Stephen Amell on their used of social media on a scale from A to F I would give them an A. They both are involved in several social media campaigns and they themselves post to the account, which is nice to see. I have yet to have donated to their causes but I will be more inclined to now, especially after managing my own fundraiser and seeing just how difficult it is to get people to donate. People may be interested and excited about an event but that isn’t enough to get money for the cause. Thankfully when your famous who have famous friends who make lots of money and they will donate. Celebrity status I believe certainly plays a huge role on the success of a campaign. Despite my lack of involvement, both have successfully raised money for great causes and have given back in a great way. If I were to rate Miley, F. she posts far too much content at once and it is very different to many people’s liking. She still has many loyal fans and people who like that type of content but for myself personally it is too much.

~Spring break~

Yay! Spring break is upon us once again. Personally, the highlight of spring break for me is a break from classes and a more hectic schedule. I work so I usually do not get many opportunities to go off on extended breaks, plus I use my vacation time for other events during the year. I am however at the end of spring break am going to a bachelorette party. I am actually hosting it and we are staying at nice cabin and we are just going to have a nice girls weekend. If money were not an object, I would either go on a cruise with my friends or family or go to Universal Studios. I am pretty simplistic and easily entertained so I do not need anything extravagant to have fun. I also have never been to Harry Potter world and I have always wanted to go. I know, I am such a dork. I will probably use this free time to catch up on my reading. I LOVE to read and if you enjoy it like I do its like you can escape to another world through the pages of a good book. Its almost like going on vacation, and plus its just relaxing. I will also use this time to spend more quality time with my husband. We both work so much and we hardly have time together so it will be a nice change of pace. Overall, I am just excited about having the opportunity to sleep in, relax, and spend time with those I love. Its hard to have time to those simple things when you work and go to school full time.

Dove’s New Campaign, Speak Beautiful

I think that Dove’s #SpeakBeautiful campaign is a fantastic idea and not just women but all of us need more positivity in our daily lives. I have seen first hand the cruelty that people can post towards others and it is so sad to know that people are so negative. However, you even have yourself posting negative things about yourself and not just others. Ultimately you are hurting yourself and those around you. You do not know how your tweet could affect someone else. I believe this is why domino created the advertisement with the dominos because it is a domino effect but we would like it to be a positive effect rather than a negative one. I truly believe that this campaign is doing amazing things and is continuing to do so. I believe they are pretty successful at this point because they have a lot off people talking. The only suggestion I would have for this campaign is to not stop talking about it. Make sure that the conversation surrounding this campaign does not die out. This means showing it on all possible outlets as often as possible and to get people involved. I have yet to have seen the #SpeakBeautiful ads on television or at the Oscars so I had to look it up but once I saw the ad I remembered seeing a promotion on twitter about it. Its in my subconscious but I think Twitter and Dove could work on getting the campaign to be a the top of a consumers mind. But once I did see the ads I really bought into it and want to aid in the spreading of this campaign. I think it is something social media needs and it benefits a greater good. Much like my client, Redbull, they have campaigns that aid in helping others. They do not have a social media targeted campaign but they certainly utilize social media to spread the word of their other campaigns. They also use clever hashtags along with their campaign to encourage fan participation. A few of their campaigns are shared below. But since neither of my clients have a social media targeted campaign like Dove, I would recommend them to at least get involved with Dove’s campaign. This is in no way a direct competition so I believe that their involvement will not only help Dove’s campaign but also get great feedback form their fans. Their followers would probably enjoy the positive comments and love Redbull even more. Their focus should be to post positive comments to their fans and also share the Dove campaign and they should target all of their followers on Twitter. If Redbull wants to get involved I would recommend jumping on the bandwagon as soon as possible and post content about it at least every other day. I would also suggest having content that allows followers to share photos, videos, quotes, etc. with the company.


Redbull posts a lot of content daily, from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. They also use a lot of hashtags that is just one integral way to communicate online. They use hashtags like xfighters, blackandblue, 24HOURSOFJACKU, ChildrenOfTheSun, and their most common GivesYouWings and Redbull. Most of these hashtags are things they promote or are just trending topics. Like the blackandblue hashtag is about a dress that no one can seem to agree on. Some people see blue and black; some people see white and gold. It is insane. But when they used the hashtag they used it along with a picture of their white and gold can. The others are used to promote and generate discussion on their latest campaigns, events, or programs they support. The ChildrenOfTheSun hastag is about “a new series following a diverse crew of skaters on their quest through uncharted territory.”
These are just a few of the many hashtags they use and this doesn’t even begin to cover the hashtags their fans use to associate with Redbull. I have yet to have seen a misspelled hashtag or a hashtag used in a questionable way, they seem to have prepared their posts with attentiveness, even with their hashtags, rightfully so. The only thing I can think of is their use of “Redbull gives you wings.” People are suing Redbull since it technically doesn’t give you wings. Which Redbull being the rebel type group that they are they use it anyways. People are always looking for a handout or to ruin something good. Redbull keeps moving forward and still continues to use the hashtag.
The article about focusing on the hashtag or the moment is certainly something to consider. I do not believe that Redbull tries to force their brand into relevancy. In a lot of ways they put their brand second. If you watch their commercial, YouTube videos, etc you will almost never see their brand until maybe the end. They try to focus on the content, the athlete the moment before they try to push their brand on you, and I think it is working for them. Their fans probably do not feel that they are being sold to and that seems to be the key to success.

The article discussing the usage of hashtags is very true. I believe there is a lot to be said when you put more thought into a trend rather than just trying to jump onto the band wagon. I believe though that Redbull uses the hashtags well in that they use it as a way to provide information about a particular event, they are not trying to sell themselves. The only thing I would add to this list is to wait and see, meaning that fans create hashtags themselves and those tend to become more trending than a company trying to create something witty. Sometimes its best to let your fans do the leg work. I for one never really use the hashtags that are posted on the corner of a TV, I usually create my own or use a different one that is circulating through the Internet pertaining to that particular thing.


I will watch a YouTube video probably at least once a day. I am on there quite often, whether it is to watch a funny video or listen to a song. I am constantly on YouTube. When I visit the site I am usually looking for a music video or I saw something on a blog that looked interesting. Every now and then I will see a video on Facebook that looks interesting. Usually if it is on Facebook its from Buzzfeed. I could watch Buzzfeed all day. But if it is a different video, other than Buzzfeed, the only way I would click on it if I have a friend who shared it or the title is one that sounds interesting.
My assigned client is Redbull and they most certainly utilize YouTube. Since Redbull joined YouTube back in 2006, Redbull has over four million subscribers and they have posted a little over four thousand videos. They post about once a day and their most viewed video is “Felix Baumgartner’s supersonic freefall from 128k’ – Mission Highlights” with over 37 million views. I believe this video was watched so much because it highlights that even Redbull is in space. “Felix Baumgartner completed a record breaking jump for the ages from the edge of space, exactly 65 years after Chuck Yeager first broke the sound barrier flying in an experimental rocket-powered airplane.” This video is exactly what their target market likes to see. Adrenaline junkies watching other adrenaline junkies do extreme stunts.

Monster has a YouTube account as well. Their most viewed video would be easier to just simply Google if only another video did not surface. Video after video is of the same women explaining how Monster energy drinks “are the work of Satan. This viral video talks about the similarities that Monster has with religious symbols. This could hurt Monster quite a bit. Its bad that I try to Google monster videos and that is all that comes up.


I love Instagram! I have a personal account and a blog account. I usually just use my blog account but I enjoy sharing photos and videos of my everyday endeavors. I usually post about one a day or every other day, pretty frequently. All of my followers are pretty good about commenting and liking my content, but every now and then I will get a random individual, since my profile is public, that will compliment a image of mine. Its fun to get feedback from your followers, especially when they are positive.
My client certainly has an Instagram account; in fact they have numerous ones for several countries as well as my selected client. Their account is full of epic and exciting content that they consistently post everyday. My client has 2.3 million followers on their U.S. account alone, and my selected client has 1.5 million followers. Monster generally has about 50,000 likes on each post and Redbull generally has about 80,000 likes on their posts. The type of images and videos they show is of content that their consumers really enjoy, which is extreme sports. I’ve noticed though that Monster showcases sexy women far more than Rebull does. Redbull just shows athletic women doing their thing, where as Monster showcases more models on motorbikes and fast cars. I think I prefer Redbulls approach to women rather than Monster does. I think Monster focuses more on their product and making it look cool rather than Redbull who tries to come in second when it sharing their athletes skills. I would recommend Monster to use this strategy when sharing content. Then they might have 2.3 million followers like RedBull does.